Fort Worth Divorce Attorney

In Fort Worth Divorces are a common occurrence unfortunately, and when these happen it’s one of the emotional times of a person’s life. Both parties are typically very charged and often heated emotionally. Any number of reasons can call for one or both parties to file for a divorce. Sherman Law, Divorce Attorney Fort Worth knows that this is a highly sensitive time and there are certain measures which must be taken to ensure the security of our client. Our aim is to help you overcome this difficult and trying time by giving guidance and full legal representation so you can get through it and return to a normal way of life. When children are involved we always aim to keep their physical and emotional wellbeing as a priority.

How Fort Worth Divorce Attorney Handle Cases in Texas

These cases range in every type and scenario so each is handled in its own unique way. The way a divorce is handled is often dependent on whether or not the divorce is a mutual agreement as well as if there have been any criminal charges against either parties and if children are involved. Our Fort Worth Divorce lawyers has years of handling divorce type cases will help to make the transition and case go as smooth as possible.

Types of Divorce Cases

  • Traditional Type Litigation – Most people are familiar with this type of divorce.  In this type of standard divorce each party has their own legal representation. These are often the most heated divorce types and full of emotion. The final decision is made by a judge and is considered to contain a degree of truth and deceit which has led to the divorce. A level of aggression is common in this type of divorce.  
  • Neutral or MediationThese are often smoother than a standard divorce although they can have moments of dispute. Typically there is neutral party which is a mediator and can help guide the procedure to avoid any further pain or suffering. This is best suited for couple who can remain civil.
  • Collaborative Type – The most recent type of divorce in the state of Texas is one of these. This only works if there are mutual agreements of both parties. In this method the attorneys are in contract and will only proceed with involvement as long as the case remains civil. In the unfortunate event where a party decides to go to trial, the attorneys are released and new ones must be hired, at this point it is considered a standard divorce.
  • Annulment An annulment is the process by which the institution of marriage is deemed void. Annulments are not easy to obtain. Consulting a legal professional is the best way to determine if this option is possible for you.
  • Legal Separation – A legal separation is the process where the involved parties remain legally married but there is a division of property and spousal support may be ordered.
  • Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders – These cases have the furthest reaching effects. Victims and family of victims as well as the accused all suffer in these situations. Issues of domestic violence oftentimes result in serious criminal implications, fines and can have a significant impact on the family as well as legal cases.
  • Child Custody, Visitation and DivorceDivorce will usually result in one parent receiving full custody with the other getting visitation rights. Custody goes to the parent that is best suited, as determined by the court, to properly take care of the child’s needs.
  • Child Support and Divorce Issues of this nature are often hard to deal with. Typically when one parent is awarded custody of the child or children, the other parent is required by law to provide adequate payments for child support.
  • Property Division and Debt – Debt division and property division can be extremely complicated. The first step in dealing with these two areas of a divorce usually involves determining marital or separate property. The next step is to figure out how the property is divided and what to do if debt is the only thing left.
  • After Divorce Child Custody – Child custody battles oftentimes ensue after the divorce has been finalized. In many cases one of the parents has left the state and there are special circumstances that call for different measures. Sherman Law understands the issues that arise and can direct you to the appropriate actions.

Why Sherman Law Firm?

If you are facing a divorce, are feeling that you may need to file one, or suspect that one will be filed against you, it’s important that you contact Fort Worth Divorce Attorney immediately. Divorces are one of the most challenging times in a person’s life and can turn your life upside down in an instant. The situations can become volatile and even dangerous. Sherman Law will help to keep everything as civil as possible and collect all the needed facts and information needed to help you win the case.

It’s always a good idea to take the initiative if you feel a divorce is coming in family law. The situations can become overwhelming and the faster you let us help you the better for you so please contact us immediately for a free consultation from Divorce lawyers Fort Worth and to protect you and you rights.