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Here at Sherman Law, we understand that not all marriages have a happy ending. There would be conditions or events that would put an end to a seemingly happy relationship. Some couples discover their incompatibility after saying “I do.” These things happen. We are here to help you navigate through family law and various complications within it such as annulment.

In the State of Texas, many people consider annulment as the more appealing option than divorce because it is the closest to having a clean slate. After divorce you will still be known as previously married, while after an annulment it’s as if your marriage never existed. It is also the more accepted dissolution of marriage among for many religions.

How Annulments are Handled in Texas

The State Court honors both void and voidable marriages. The former simply means that the marriage could never have been valid in the first place and the court may declare it void when proven. Voidable marriages are often due to one party’s doing prior to the act and can result to annulment.

A marriage is deemed void under any of the following conditions:

  • Parties are related to each other by blood or adoption;
  • Bigamy;
  • One or both parties are below 16 years old.

Grounds for Annulment

Below are the several grounds for filing annulment in Texas:

  • One or both parties are 18 years old and entered the marriage without parental consent or court order;
  • One or both parties consumed alcohol, illegal drugs, or substances that would hinder the capacity to give full consent;
  • A spouse is permanently impotent or chooses not to have children;
  • A spouse conducted fraud, forced, or placed the other under duress in order to go through with the marriage;
  • Either spouse has a mental disease or defect or lacks the capacity to enter the marriage;
  • Either spouse concealed his/her divorce that occurred 30 days before the marriage;

Kindly take note that there are other cases that can be considered and examined for annulment. It is also important that the petitioner has not chosen to cohabitate with his/her partner after learning of the issue.

Why Sherman Law Firm?

As a family-owned firm, we at Sherman Law understand the need to shield your children from undue stress and pressures brought by legal problems. We can be your trusted family lawyer who will help you settle your annulment as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We are here to safeguard your family’s welfare through rightful division of property and settlement of possible alimony and parental responsibilities.

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