Bankruptcy Attorney Role

Bankruptcy Attorney Role

Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code is a very complicated and paper intensive legal process. Most people find that just organizing the business documents without an attorney is a extremely painful ordeal. And then, writing the legal documents and following the  legal procedures necessary for self-representation becomes completely overwhelming. In addition, many individuals, couples or business owners going through the process of bankruptcy are stressed to the max and even suffer from depression and grief associated with financial crisis. That’s why almost everyone contemplating bankruptcy consults and retains an experienced bankruptcy attorney to advise them and handle their bankruptcy case.

Here are some ideas to aid you in preparing for an initial attorney consultation and start a law suit.

To avoid wasted time and added stress by arriving at your meeting prepared for a productive consultation. Preparation helps you to make a clear presentation of your situation; to focus on the issues and questions that are important to you; and to help the attorney provide specific, useful advice.

Be sure that the bankruptcy attorney with whom you’re meeting is experienced with Bankruptcies such as yours (i.e. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or Business Bankruptcy).

In advance of the meeting, make written notes on the specific facts you believe are relevant. Identify all parties who may be involved.

Lay out the facts in an organized fashion and in the order in which they occurred. Omit nothing. Your attorney will know which facts are relevant and which are not.

Make a list of questions for which you want answers, and arrange them so that you can refer to them quickly.

The initial consultation is a time to exchange information and to determine whether the attorney with whom you’re meeting is right for you. It does not necessarily become the basis for long-term relationship. If, after your consultation, you wish to hire that attorney, tell them so. The attorney will require a contract be signed by the attorney and client outlining the case and costs. (You do not want to leave their office assuming they will be doing work for you, while she leaves the consultation with just the opposite impression, i.e., that there is nothing further to be done.)

If you organize your thoughts, if you are open and concise in explaining your situation, and you clearly explain what you want the attorney to, you will have taken a positive first step toward achieving a productive working legal relationship and resolving your legal problem.

Remember, the information you provide your bankruptcy attorney is protected by the attorney/client privilege. It is imperative that you be fully honest with your attorney so he or she can help you.