Fort Worth Paternity Attorney

In Fort Worth Texas, paternity issues arise all the time. They can cause very serious emotional energies to arise and lead to heated discussions and arguments. Sherman Law is here to provide superb legal counsel during these sensitive times and help to resolve and confusion which has risen. We always keep the children’s best interest a first and seek to help both parties move forward with their life.

How Paternity Cases are handled in Texas

Each case is unique and will determine how it is dealt with. The involvement and structure of the relationship between the two parties as well as their willingness to cooperate will greatly affect how cases of this type are handled.

Types of Paternity Cases in Texas

These are standard cases which are used to determine the biological father of a child.

  • Paternity suit – A standard suit in which a mother calls for a test to be performed on a specific individual to prove that he is the father.
  • Contested suit – A case in which the male is objective to the fact of him being the father and calls for a test to prove he has no biological connection with the child.

Are You Facing a Paternity Case? Contact Us Today!

If you are currently involved in a situation where paternity test are needed or questioned and legal issues have occurred please contact us immediately. Since these situations are so emotionally charged and child’s life is strongly affected by the outcome, other unseen events can arise. Sherman Law will help to mediate and handle the situation to get through the process and avoid further confusion and difficulties.

It’s always a good idea to get the ball rolling early on in cases of this type, and it’s best to keep them civil and respectful as possible. The earlier you allow us to help the better we can assess and handle the situation so please contact us immediately for a free consultation and to protect you and your family.