Case Type IV-E

Texas Case Type IV-E

Any case where the children are being cared for by a non-parent, I.E. a foster care system or the court constitutes a Type IV-E case in the state of Texas. These cases are also automatically handed over to the OCSE (Office of Child Support Enforcement) in order to attempt to recover any cost from the non-custodial parent.

What Is Foster Care?

A system that is within a state in which minor children are cared for when their parents have been labeled as unfit to properly care for them. The judgment is more often than not made by child protective services and finalized in a court of law.

The most common reason that children are pulled from their homes is due to neglect of abuse, there are several other reasons that a child may end up in Foster care as well.

After training and approval, an adult who is qualified for child care is known as a foster parent. They will then be able to take responsibility for a child who has been neglected or abused. Each foster home must be approved by the state authorities to guarantee that it is a safe and adequate environment for children.

Foster care is intended to be short term temporary care while the court makes the decision about what is best for the child. The first goal of the court is to place the child with the birth family when possible; the birth family is first given a list of tasks to complete before they are considered to be qualified to care for the child.

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