Child Support

Fort Worth Child Support Attorney

The Sherman Family Law Attorney offices offers support and guidance that you will need to gain you adequate child support payments, acquire back payments in failure to pay type cases, and use all our expertise to help your child get the financial support they deserve.

We understand that paying child support is unacceptable here in the Fort Worth Texas area. So we will use professional tactics and our advanced knowledge to show the irresponsible parent that avoiding childcare it is not only ill moral but unlawful in the state of Texas.

What Does Child Support Go To?

Majority of the times this money usually goes to essentials like food, clothing, and the overall welfare for the child or children. While the remaining portion of this money will be used for expenses like daycare and medical expenses, which can also be decided upon through negotiation and litigation.

Types of Child Support Cases

Each of the types of Child Support case types begins with the reference letters IV or Roman numeral four. The IV refers to the Title IV of the Social Security Act of 1975, that article covers any grants given to states that are to be used for the purpose of providing aid and services to any families suffering from poverty in need of supports that have children. Each state is required by Federal Law to have its own expedited child support process AKA – Ex Pro Child Support for hearing the various types of child support cases. Only the IV-D type case is allowed to be heard by the expedited process.

  • IV-DA cases of this type is one where the custodial guardian or parent receives assistance from the Office of Child Support Enforcement.
  • IV-A – Case types of this nature are ones in which the custodial guardian or parent receives public assistance from the state.
  • IV – E – These are case types in which the children are being cared for someone besides the parent like a relative or are in foster care.
  • Non IV – D – These are cases in which child support is maintained by a private party like in the period of time following a divorce.

In a Child Support Situation? Contact Us Today!

Here at the Sherman Law Firm we understand the gravity of child support for our loved ones. For this reason we can help you collect past due payments, set up a system for future payments, and if necessary we will give evidence to the judge of faulty or non-payments. The judge may then decide to have the other parent wages garnished if a reasonable payment plan can’t be made.

We strive to keep the situation civil and painless to keep as much stress as possible out of the life of the child or children. We understand that it can be hard as a single parent who is taking care of a child and not receiving child support payments. We will act with a sense of urgency that is unmatched with our full legal team of attorneys, lawyers, and paralegals backing the process to get the fullest amount that the child is owed and deserved by the other or delinquent parent. So Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation on Child Support Matters.