Fort Worth Wills Attorneys

In Fort Worth Texas, there are several instances in which a will can come into play and be contested. This often times leads to unrest in the family and other types of arguments. Sherman Law is here to give you legal advice and to help you get through the will processing in the most beneficial way. We always keep our clients best interest in mind and to make the procedure go fast and effectively.

How Wills are Handled in Texas

Will type cases will always change depending on the circumstances of the individual case. Our years of qualified experience in dealing with wills of all types will help to make the process of getting you what is yours go smoothly.

Types of Wills Cases

  • Intestate Will – This is when a person dies and leaves no will at all.
  • Pour Over – This directs all assets to a living trust.
  • Holographic Will – This is completely handwritten will. It is dated and signed by a testator.
  • Formal Will – These are typed and have witnesses who are competent.

Need a Will – Contact Us Today

In the event where you are facing issues and dealing with a will and having complications it’s important that you contact us immediately. These unfortunate scenarios can often break apart families and cause severe mental trauma. Sherman Law understands that this is sensitive time for you and seeks to help you get past it and move on with your life.

The best way to handle a case like this is to take the initiative and allow us to give you full representation to make it as stress free for you as possible. Please contact us immediately for a free consultation and to protect you and get you what is rightfully yours.