Case Type IV-D

Texas Case Type IV-D

It was back in 1975 when the Federal Government declared that the best way a woman and her child could be helped was to offer public assistance in collecting child support from the father.

To ensure that state follows that idea, a state’s welfare system is tied to the child support system that they have previously set up and operate.

Until 1985 the responsibility was a shared one by the district and county attorneys as well as the Texas Department of Welfare. The responsibilities were transferred to the office of the Attorney General in 1985.

The entire system is governed federal nationwide now with several regulations, laws and stipulations.

Texas is Different

Sherman Law Firm understands how the laws in Texas differ and apply to child support cases of the IV-D type. The state of Texas is one of only three states that make the Attorney General responsible for all collections in regards to Child Support.

In order to get these payments expedited legal action is often required and Sherman Law Offices understand how to get the process sped up and the payments ordered in a court of law.

When a parent is delinquent on their child support payments it is a frustrating time and can leave the parent responsible for the child confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Luckily the OAG of Office of Attorney General is dedicated to helping parents get the compensation and financial support they need to give their children the life they deserve. Sherman Law works closely with the OAG to ensure that the process is expedited as quickly as possible.

We understand that times can be tough and are here to give a full range or advice, services and support in these all too often troubled times.

Other Responsibilities of Child Support IV-D Agency in the state of Texas

  • Parental locator for paternity services
  • Determination of paternity
  • Medical and child support establishments
  • Adjustments and reviews of any child support orders
  • Collection and distribution of child support  and medical support orders and payments

Why The Sherman Law Firm?

The OAG and the Child Support agency IV-D are both incredibly busy and packed with cases. To better communicate with them and get your case handled in an expedient manner it is more efficient to let Sherman Law Offices take care of all the paperwork and communication between the courts, the OAG and the child support services.

We will help to alleviate some of the confusions and stress you are surely feeling and get your child or children the support they need and deserve. If you’re currently facing child support issues of the IV-D type and don’t know where to turn please feel free to contact us for a free consultation today!