FAQ on Child Support & Custody

Frequently Asked Questions on Child Support & Custody

Litigation, court, legal issues that involve family and children, all of these subjects can create confusion and cause the feeling of overwhelm in all involved parties. Family disputes and civil courts can cause pressure and seem hopeless to the untrained individual.

If it’s your first time dealing with Child Support Legal issues, you’ve probably got a considerable amount of questions that need to be answered. Instead of turning through endless books and searching amongst an infinite amount of websites, read these questions that we are commonly asked at Sherman Law in relation to child support and all related matters. Our goal at Sherman Law is to help you understand the process of child support from a legal standpoint in the state of Texas.

Types of Questions We Get Related to Services:

  • What exactly does the Texas child assistance program do?
  • Where can a parent or guardian go for support and instructions from the workplace of the Attorney General?
  • For how long can be expected before settlements start?
  • What information does the Office of the Attorney General require to find a noncustodial and delinquent father or mother?
  • What documents are needed by the Office of the Attorney General to expedite conditions and services?
  • Exactly how do dads and moms get an agreed upon order?
  • Can grandparents open up a support case for grandchildren to get fees from delinquent parents?
  • How do TANF receivers look for Texas state child support cases?
  • I have some issues with child support, but I am deaf. Exactly how do I set about connecting with the Attorney general’s Office for the hearing impaired?
  • What can a parent or guardian do that doesn’t required or want assistance from the Attorney Generals?
  • What exactly can be done to alter an existence child support case and is it even possible to do so?
  • Just what if the noncustodial or delinquent parent is still in an institution like rehab or prison and has no cash or other means of offering support for their child(ren)?

The above list is just an example of some of the most common questions we receive at Sherman Law in regards to Child Support services and the office of the Attorney General. If you have a question that is not present on the above list, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Why Sherman Law Firm?

Robert Sherman at Sherman Law we care about the future and wellbeing of your children. Our team is prepared to take the necessary steps to get you the best possible case results in a Texas state court of law. If you’re facing a case involving child support, please contact us at Sherman Law for advice and representation.