What Exactly is the Child Support Program Responsible for in Texas?

What Exactly is the Child Support Program Responsible for?


  • Section  IV-D designate that the Attorney General’s Office is responsible for:
  • Finding absent parents or guardians;
  • establishing and enforcing paternity;
  • enforcing, establishing and making any needed changes to the medical or child support orders;
  • making any collections needed and the distribution of child support finances.

Why does this matter?

Alleviating the responsibility of the individual is a giant weight off the shoulder of the parent or guardian. Facing child custody or support cases is overwhelming and emotional. By allowing the Office of the Attorney General to take the above responsibilities the parent or guardian can better provide for themselves and ultimately the child. The Office of the Attorney General is not lenient on defunct parents and will work diligently to see to it they are reprimanded appropriately. The issue arises is this; with so many child custody cases in the state of Texas, a parent or guardian needs adequate representation to dot all “I’s” and cross all “T’s” as well as expedite the process. This is where Sherman Law Comes in to the picture.

Why Sherman Law?

Because our team is highly familiar with the legal process in the State of Texas, laws and regulations pertaining to Child Support cases and those specifically regarded to the Title IV-D. In addition, Sherman Law works closely with both the State of Texas and the Office of the Attorney General to ensure parents or guardians of abandoned children are adequately compensated for the care of the child.

The Bottom Line:

If you live in the State of Texas or have a child with a delinquent parent residing in the state, contact us immediately at Sherman Law for a free consultation.