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Texas is complicated when it comes to Alimony or Spousal maintenance. Sherman Law Firm is experienced in dealing with these special need situations. The State of Texas does not require permanent spousal maintenance as other states may. If the marriage is under ten years there is a maximum length of three years in which alimony must be paid. In special circumstances for marriages of over ten years however a judge may declare that the payments are made for an extended period at the judge’s discretion.

In Fort Worth the court will often times make an order for support payments in order for the spouse to retain the standard of living experienced during the marriage.

Types of Maintenance

Reimbursement – Payments to for compensation for past sacrifices made during the marriage.

Permanent – Lifetime support, this is rarely if ever given in the state of Texas.

Temporary – Typical type seen in Texas. The amount of time is dependent on the length of the marriage and circumstance of the divorce.

Rehabilitative – Spouses who require schooling or training to learn skills for future employment.

Alimony is different than child support; mathematical formulas don’t exist to determine the amount of money to be paid. The court uses different factors to decide on payments, this requires and experienced divorce attorney here in Fort Worth Texas to understand.

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