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Taking care of the parent and child relationship in the state of Texas is a difficult job as is to be expected. We find that many judges rightfully compare ending the parent-child relationship to delivering the sentence of the death penalty. When a parent is revoked from their parental rights they no longer considered the parent of the child/children.

In the case where termination of rights is invoked the parents no long have the right to:

  • Raise the child
  • Discipline them
  • Contact them
  • Make any decisions for the child in any way

In many cases there is even a new birth certificate which is created and the parents name is completely removed. It is considered to be one of the most serious situations that can be faced and is treated as such by the court.

In many cases a parent may attempt to have his or her own rights removed for any number of reasons the main one being to avoid paying child support. Some judges may allow this, however most Texas judges no longer see it as an acceptable request. In most cases the only way to voluntarily give up your rights as a parent is when another responsible party is ready to take care of the child/children involved.

Grounds for Termination of Rights Means in Texas

Many factors play into how a termination of rights case is held in the state of Texas. The following are all factors that may determine the outcome of a case.

The Responsible Parent Has:

  • Voluntarily left the child unattended or in the care of another person with the intent of not returning.
  • Voluntarily left the child alone with another without planning on returning for the child or leaving adequate means of support and has remained away for at least three months.
  • Voluntarily left the child alone with another without providing adequate care for at least six months.
  • Willingly placed the child in danger of either a physical or emotional nature.
  • Performed conduct which placed the child in physical or emotional danger.
  • Failed to give adequate support for the child during the period of a year which has ended in within the six months of the petitions filing date.
  • Abandoning the child without giving adequate means of identifying the child or the child’s identity cannot be confirmed in any way.
  • Willingly abandoning the mother of the child during pregnancy with the child and continuing on with the abandonment through birth without giving adequate support or medical care.


Other Factors which contribute to a Termination of Rights

Along with all of these factors others which may justify a termination of rights could include failure to take care of the child’s every day needs or other aspects like providing adequate medical care and enrolling the child into school. Also being convicted of specific felonies like murder, assault or indecency all are viable reasons which will invoke the parental rights being terminated.

Drug use and drug related convictions are also common reasons a parent loses custody of their child. In the end the court will determine what the best possible direction for the child is and how their custody will be handled.

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