Fort Worth Adoptions Attorney

In Fort Worth Texas, Adoptions happen every day. Many times these adoptions can result in future cases and are often extremely emotional times. Sherman Law is here to provide you with the best legal representation available and to resolve any issues that are related to an adoption. Our number one rule in these cases is to see to the welfare of the child and reduce any stress that is prevalent.

How Adoptions are Handled in Texas

Each case is taken with several different considerations in mind. These case types are handled depending on who has initiated the case, how old the child is, and other circumstances that arise. Our experience in adoption type cases will help make the case go as smooth as possible.

Types of Adoption Cases in Texas

  • Standard Private Adoptions – This is the case in which an individual personally knows a mother who is willing to give up the parental rights of the child. This is often seen with surrogate parents.
  • Adoptions by Step Parents – The most common adoption in Texas are this type and in which the child is adopted by the birth parents husband or wife.
  • Private Agency Adoption – Private agencies are responsible for placing children with adopted parents and work closely with the birth parents to ensure the wellbeing of the child.
  • Public Agency Adoption – In this adoption case, children who are in foster care are placed by the authorities. This typically happens when a child is relinquished to child protective services.

Need an Adoption Attorney – Contact Us Today!

In the event where you are currently a part of an adoption case, you may be feeling heavy emotional turmoil. These situations can have heavy impacts on all involved parties and are often very intense. Sherman Law will act as counsel and help to uncover all the facts and present them to the judge in a way which will be most beneficial for our client.

Since these cases our so sensitive and can take time, it’s important that you get legal representation as early as possible. Your mental and health and wellbeing is at stake here so please contact us immediately for a fee consultation and to protect you and your family.