Child Custody

Fort Worth Child Custody Attorney

In Fort Worth Texas custody of the child always goes to the parent that is best fitted to take care of the child or children. Sherman Law Firms aims to give you the best representation in order for you to gain full custody of your child or children. We always maintain the best interest of the child and are aware of the emotional stress a divorce can have on the child or children.

How Child Custody Attorney Works in Fort Worth, Texas

Custody depends on the situation, and whether it’s a full custody hearing or partial custody we will help guide you through the process with the child’s wellbeing in mind at all times. Our Fort Worth child custody attorney is experience in custody matters in Texas will enable us to make sure that the process goes smoothly.

Types of Child Custody Attorney Fort Worth

  • Sole Custody One parent is responsible of the wellbeing of the child including health and education. You are in charge of all decisions regarding the child, and no consultation is required from the other parent.
  • Joint Custody Both parents share all of the decisions made.
  • Special Circumstance Joint Custody – Each parent is responsible for decisions related to different areas of the child’s life. I.E. one parent may be responsible for educational responsibilities and the other medical responsibilities.
  • Residential Custody to One Parent, With Joint Custody to Both – The child is living with one parent but both parents are responsible for all decisions.  
  • After Divorce Child Custody – Child custody battles oftentimes ensue after the divorce has been finalized. In many cases one of the parents has left the state and there are special circumstances that call for different measures. Sherman Law, Child Custody Attorney Fort Worth understands the issues that arise and can direct you to the appropriate actions.

In a Child Custody Dispute? Contact Us Today!

In the event where you are the best suited parent because of previous circumstances the involving the other parent, Sherman Law Firm will use the facts to put full light on the situation to help the judge make the best decision for the you and your child or children.

In case types where there is mutual decision such as an uncontested divorce we will use our expertise in child custody and visitation rights to help mediate the case so that both parents and child or children all feel as though the best possible solution has been found.

It’s always preferred to handle matters in a civil way which leaves the least amount of emotional scarring to the children, you, and other family members which are involved. So Contact Us for a Free Consultation from Fort Worth Child Custody Attorney on Your Child Custody Situation.