Domestic Violence

Fort Worth Domestic Violence Attorney

In Fort Worth Texas, domestic violence happens often and many times without the victim realizing that it’s happening. Sherman Law aims to give you the best legal counsel available and help you get out of the situation you are facing in a safe and lasting way. We always keep the safety of the victim and children involved as a primary objective and to make the process as stress free as possible.

How Domestic Violence is handled in Texas

Cases vary dependent on the severity, type, and whether or not there is an emergency situation or the police have already been involved or not. Our years of experience in handling cases of this type will help us to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Types of Domestic Violence

  • Actual or attempted violence – This could include: grabbing and shoving, slapping, closed fist hitting, biting, stabbing, or shooting for examples. This is the most common form of domestic violence in Texas.
  • Negating Access to Vital Resources – Anything that the victim relies on for survival and healthy living, this could include all food and liquid requirements as well as withholding medical equipment and medications.
  • Forcing or attempting to force sex or coerce it in any way without the victims consent – Rape, forced sex, beatings and other sexual misconduct. Forced prostitution and fondling as well as sodomy fall in this category.
  • Undermining the Victims Sexuality – Treating the victim in a negatively sexual derogatory manner. Criticizing sexual performance and the victim’s desirability as well violent accusations of infidelity.
  • Attempting to or actually instilling fear into the victim – Threats and intimidation as well as physical harm to self and or others. Threating children or threatening to kidnap the children as well harming pets, stalking and manipulation.
  • Isolation and Attempts to Isolate the Victim from Friends and Family or Work – Disabling access to communication methods as well as harassing friends and negating visits with family and forced imprisonment.
  • Destroying the Victims Self Worth – Constant manipulation and criticizing the victim and their ability as well as verbal abuse and manipulation of the victim’s feelings and emotions.

Are You A Victim of Domestic Violence? Contact Us Today!

In the event where you are the victim of domestic violence or know someone who is it’s imperative that you contact the police immediately. These situations can often times escalate and have un-repairable affects. Sherman Law will pull all facts together to unveil the entire situation and help the judge make the most informative decision possible for the victim and their family.

In case types of extreme violence and urgency we will work closely with all concerned authorities to get the proper amount of legal action to be taken. Our main objective will be to separate the victim from the perpetrator and keep them in a safe and controlled environment.

It’s always best to handle these cases before they get out of control, but sometimes this unavoidable. You and your family could be in more danger than you realize so please contact us immediately for a free consultation and to protect you and your family.