Case Type IV-A

Texas Type IV-A Cases

When a custodial parent is receiving assistance from the state, the case type is known as an IV-A type child support case. In order to alleviate the costs that come with supporting a family, the state will immediately refer a IV-A type case to the  OCSE, (Office of Child Support Enforcement) they will then attempt to collect child support directly from the no custodial parent who is delinquent.

What constitutes a non-custodial parent?

If you have physical custody of the child a majority of the time, take most of the responsibilities for raising the child, and make a larger amount of the important decisions regarding the child then you are the custodial parent.

Even if you work closely with the other parent and they are highly involved you still can be considered the custodial guardian.

It’s important to remember that the parents who are the custodial parents of their children are also legally responsible in a court of law. In a case where a woman is raising a child alone, and the father isn’t present or involved, she may be expected to file for a child custody hearing to legally gain full custody.

The first step in a IV-A type case is to make sure that you are the custodial parent, at Sherman Law we can help you find out if you are the custodial parent.

How is Child Support Affected in a Public Assistance IV-A Type Case?

Once the parents have separated, it is highly conceivable that the level of income in a household will change dramatically. Before a parent can gain benefits from the state, they will first be asked if they are gaining any benefits from the other parent.

If they are not, the state will make all the efforts they can to collect child support from the parent. They will do this in order to gain pay back for part of the expense which would have been paid for by the government. Lastly, they will seek direct reimbursement from the other parent who name is on the birth certificate for the parent who is attempting to gain government assistance.

Why Sherman Law Firm?

The OAG and OCSE are both very busy environments and filled with near endless cases. In order to get your case heard and dealt with in a fast time frame, let Sherman Law handle  you case and take care of any paperwork, communication with the court and proper authorities, and get your child the compensation they deserve.

We will also help to explain your option and situation relieve some stress you are facing, and give you support in any way we can. If you’re currently in a situation where you feel you need government assistance, or are going to be in a IV-A Child Support case, please contact us for a free consultation today!

What you Get With Sherman Law

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