Case Type Non IV-D

Non IV-D Type Child Support Cases

In case where the child support is established and maintained in a private setting, such as following a divorce is considered a Non IV-D Type child support case. Sometimes Non IV-D cases are turned into IV-D type cases in the situation where they are referred to the OCSE (Office of Child Support Enforcement) to attempt collections for outstanding child support payments.

How These Cases Work

When a Non IV-D type case is established, it is done so for the purpose of starting the process of child support or any spousal maintenance which is required or both. With Non IV-D type services they are limited and provided by the state and any county authorities or agencies strictly for the purpose of processing the child support with spousal support or both. They are also known as IWOS or Income Withholding- Only Non-IV-D Services.

In regards to Non IV-D Spousal Maintenance, a Non IV-D spousal maintenance type case is a case in which the compensation to the spouse is and any obligations are collected via income withholdings started by the child support agency.

Why The Sherman Law?

The OAG and OCSE are both very busy organizations, they are taking in dozens of new cases everyday which can make the length of time to get cases processed considerable. Let Sherman Law take responsibility for expediting your case and any services that are required in the fastest possible way. We will also take on the job of communicating with the necessary authorities and organizations to get your child the compensation they deserve.

What You Get With Sherman Law

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