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Joint Debtor vs Co-Debtor

As an average US citizen, it is fairly common to encounter unfamiliar terms when filing for bankruptcy. Among these are the words Joint Debtor and Co-Debtor. They may sound alike and can even be interchangeable, but in reality these two labels have completely different meanings. What is the Difference? The debtor is the individual filing […]

Advantages of Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy and dealing with its effects can take a toll on one’s emotional and mental health. It can drive a wedge between relationships and affect your interaction with your community. However, these are not everything that bankruptcy has to offer. We at the Sherman Law Firm always tell our clients that bankruptcy does […]

What is a Bankruptcy Trustee?

A trustee plays a very important role when you file for bankruptcy. The role was initially created for collecting and distributing the debtor’s property, relieving responsibility from the court and creditors. Now, the bankruptcy trustee’s responsibilities differ based on the type of bankruptcy you are filing for. What remains constant is that they continue to […]

Life After Bankruptcy: How to Get a Fresh Start

Regardless of the reason or situation, we at Sherman Law Firm, P.C. always tell our clients that bankruptcy is not the end of the world. There is always a way to make the most of a situation, and you can still bounce back from bankruptcy. Here is a quick read on how you can get […]

Tips on How to Avoid Bankruptcy

Most people avoid bankruptcy like the plague, and for good reason: it’s the financial equivalent of hitting rock bottom. However, running a tight ship where your assets and liabilities are concerned is much easier said than done. In our years of experience at Sherman Law Firm, P.C., we’ve learned a lot about what it takes […]

Why It’s Important to Keep a Healthy Credit Score

It’s funny to think that a three-digit number can determine your ability to own a house, buy a car, or start a business; but for the average American, that’s just how it is. We at Sherman Law Firm, P.C. have seen a number of bankruptcy cases attributed to the fact that people with bad credit […]

Common Bankruptcy Myths

Here at Sherman Law Firm, P.C., we encounter people who are afraid of filing for bankruptcy because of ideas or notions that are only based on hearsay or assumptions. If you have fears about the consequences or effect of bankruptcy on your life, it is better to have them confirmed or clarified with a reputable […]

IRS Discharge Ability In Bankruptcy

Even though the 2005 amendment to the Bankruptcy Code made it more difficult to discharge IRS taxes, Bankruptcy is still the best avenue to deal with IRS. If your 1040 taxes were due more than three years ago, have been on file with the IRS more than two years, you have filed your taxes when […]

Common Bankruptcy Mistakes to Avoid

Many people file for bankruptcy here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, so they can get back on their feet and settle their financial affairs as peacefully as possible. However, the fresh start you are hoping for can be hindered because of easily avoidable blunders during the actual filing process. Below are some of […]

Exemption Snapshot Rule

In the last few years, there have been conflicting decisions whether or not an asset claimed as exempt loses it exempt status if there is a change in the character of the property such as the sale of a homestead or distribution from an exempt IRA or retirement account. The Fifth Circuit;s decision in In […]