Pre & Post Marital Agreements

Fort Worth Pre & Post Marital Agreements

In Fort Worth Texas, marriages and divorces happen. Sometimes the involved parties agree on the need for an agreement often known as a prenuptial which takes place before the marriage or a partition which occurs after the marriage. Sherman Law is here to help guide you through the correct legal procedures to ensure that the situation is handled correctly. We always aim to help the procedure go smoothly and with our client’s best interest in mind.

How these are handled in Texas

Each case will be handled dependent on the terms and agreements of the two involved parties as well as the current situation they are in. Our years of experience in dealing with pre and post marriage agreements will make this process go as smooth as possible.

Types of Pre & Post Marital Agreements

  • Prenuptial – This is an agreement made prior to the marriage in which financial and other obligations and responsibilities are determined.
  • Partition – This is when a marries couple determines it’s in their best interest to split assets, this can include finances and estates as well as bills and debts.

Need a Pre or Post Marital Agreement – Contact Us Today

If you are currently in need of creating an agreement of have one and are going through marriage issues there are certain steps which need to be taken from a legal standpoint that have your security in mind. Since these situations are mutually agreed upon they will typically go smooth with the right representation. Sherman Law will help to mediate the situation and keep all the facts on the table to get through the process fast and efficiently.

It’s always a good idea to speak with legal representation before going to deeply into this discussion with the other party so please contact us immediately for a free consultation and to protect you and your family.