Sole Custody

Sole Custody Attorney

In Texas the custody of the child will always be determined by which of the two parents is more responsible and best suited to handle the needs of the child. Each case is different and will depend on various aspects that the court will take into play which we will discuss further on. Sherman Law Firm aims to give you the best representation in order to achieve the rights to full custody of your child/children.

We understand that in custody hearing emotions are running high and the child’s wellbeing is at stake. We therefore always keep the child’s best interest as the priority and aim to keep the custody process as civil and comfortable for everyone as possible.

How Sole Custody Works in Texas?

Also known as Sole Managing Conservatorship, this is when responsibility is given to a single parent for all of the decisions that are made for the child.  These decisions could be but are not limited to education, medical, and psychiatric among many others.

In the state of Texas the Child Custody always goes to the parent who is best suited for the job. The decision is made on several factors like:

  • Income
  • Stability
  • Mental health Current working and living situations
  • How the parties previously held responsibility for themselves and their child/children.

In many cases both parents feel that they are the more suited parent for the child/children and when this happens a court trial typically ensues. When this happens it’s oftentimes the parent who has the best legal representation who gains full custody as it can be difficult to determine from a surface level appearance.

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In any case where you feel that you are the most adequate parent to care for your child due to prior responsibilities not taken by the other parent, Sherman Law Firm is ready to shine the light on all the facts to give the judge the most accurate information so he/she can make the best decision for your child/children.

In sole custody type cases where the aim is uncontested custody being given to a single parent we will use all of our vast experience to keep the child in your care and as safe and sound as possible.

It’s always best to handle these cases in a relaxed civil way which is as stress free for you and child as well as all involved parties. Please Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation on Your Sole Child Custody Situation.