Joint Custody

Joint Custody Attorney

In the State of Texas the custody of the child is always given to the best suited parent who can handle the child’s needs. All cases are different and in many of them it’s determined by the court or agreed upon by both parents that joint custody is an acceptable and in many cases the best method of custody for the child/children. Sherman Law Firm aims to give your children the best possible living experience while keeping the process of a custody trial civil and well maintained.

We know that when a custody battle ensues emotions often run high and that even during a trial where joint custody is the aim it can still be difficult to handle at times. Because custody trials are always very delicate we always keep the child’s best interest as a priority.

How Joint Custody Works in Texas

Also known as Join Managing Conservatorship, this is when the responsibility is given to both parents. The responsibilities that are given are in regards to the child’s schooling, medical needs and psychiatric issues as well as several others.

The court may determine to give partial responsibility to one parent or to have equal decision making capabilities in all cases. How the decision responsibilities are divided is determined by many aspects and varies on a case to case basis.

Some of the factors that can affect how responsibility is divided could include:

  • Income levels of both parents
  • Mental health of both involved parties
  • Working and living conditions of the two parents
  • How they previously took care of the child’s various needs.

Along with decision making responsibilities, the court will also decide upon visitation rights and how where the child calls home. In many cases the decision will be left to both parents and is free from any solid rules. In other cases the court will mandate specific dates and times in which the child/children stays with each parent.

Oftentimes joint custody trials are civil and well maintained, but in some cases even cases of this nature become unruly and hostile. In any case type it’s always important to have adequate legal representation as custody cases can shift from a joint custody to a sole custody case type very quickly.

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In any case where you are considering joint custody of your child/children and both parents appear to be adequate and deserving to share Child Custody and take on responsibilities, Sherman Law is here to help mediate the situation and give you the best representation possible should the case go from civil to hostile.

In joint custody type cases where the objective is to share the decision responsibilities of the child/children between both parents we will use our in depth years of experience to ensure that you are treated fairly and receive fair levels of responsibility for your children and their time.

These cases always achieve the best results when they are held in a friendly manner that is free from hostility and stress. Please Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation on Your Joint Child Custody Situation.