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Grounds for Divorce in Texas

In the State of Texas, there are various grounds for divorce that either the petitioner or both parties can account for. Before filling for the actual process, preparing all of the necessary documents, communicating with the people involved, and hiring a legal representation, here at Sherman Law Firm, P.C., we strongly advice that you determine […]

Outline of the Divorce Procedure in Texas

In filing for a divorce in Texas, the procedure can either be as taxing or as civil as possible. As a potential Petitioner, you are impelled to undergo certain phases other than entering the actual court room. Here is a basic rundown of the steps that you might have to go through in a typical […]

Finding the Right Family Attorney

Having the right legal representation that fit for your family needs can determine the very outcome of your case. In order to help you prepare for your battle in or out of court, here are some questions that you might have to ask yourself when getting a family lawyer. What kind of lawyer do I […]