• Finding the Right Family Attorney

Having the right legal representation that fit for your family needs can determine the very outcome of your case. In order to help you prepare for your battle in or out of court, here are some questions that you might have to ask yourself when getting a family lawyer.

What kind of lawyer do I really need?

Before having someone handle your case, you also need to determine which kind of person is fit for your case. There are certain lawyers or firms that specialize in adoption, juvenile cases, divorce, etc.

There are also cases wherein you need someone to mitigate first, rather than attacking head on. For instance, the early parts of having a divorce can be really stressful. In this case, you might need someone who can help you make level-headed decisions that will not further aggravate the situation.

What do experts recommend?

There are many ways on how to find the right lawyer. For starters, you can check the American Bar Association database for local associations, an online directory, yellow pages, or forums and groups that you can crowd source or simply ask for information.

In most cases, typing “best lawyer” in Google is not really the best way to find the best lawyer for you. It is always better to ask experts in the field — whether that involves financial advisors, psychiatrists, other attorneys — to recommend you people they actually know.

What are the credentials and history?

Once you have a list of possible attorneys to consider, the easiest place to start is to see their resume and credentials. There, you can trace their success rate, specialties, client history, and experience. It is also vital that you see if your lawyer has represented or is still connected with a conflict of interest.

How much can I afford?

Although you ideally want to resolve your case whatever it takes, you also need to consider the retainer fee that will be asked up front. You can consider if the lawyer is trustworthy if he/she is willing to refund an unused percentage of your retainer. Moreover, make sure that you receive a thorough accounting of your fees at least once a month.

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